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Body Harness SALA Delta II Derrick Harness MED (1106108)
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20 Jun 2016
United States

Specification of

Delta No. Tangle Derrick Harness with Stand Up Rear D-ring and an 18-Inch D-ring Extension, Body Belt and Seat Sling, Pass Thru Connection to 1000570 Derrick Belt (Medium)

Fiture harness:

  • The Design Of No-Tangle Exclusive
  • Mating buckle on the chest area to connect to derrick belt (1000570)
  • Back d-ring has 18 inch extensions for easy connecting and positioning
  • Belt with the back d-ring for specifiers

an position

  • Seat sling with positioning/suspension of d-rings
  • Non-slip adjustable chest strap easily used passing through buckles
  • Tongue buckle leg straps
  • Woven Polyester construction for added durability
  • Plated hardware for corrosion resistance
  • Use with optional belt 1000570 derek
  • Optional Delta Comfort Pad (9501207) for wrap-around comfort, Velcro attachment

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