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Personal gas Monitor RKI GX-2009 4
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FOUR GAS MONITOR PERSONAL Application MODEL GX-2009 Narrow Space/Petrochemical Refinery Chemical hazardous materials Plant Utilities-water/waste water treatment Fire Services Mining Pharmacy Features Simultaneous and real-time detection 4gases LEL, O2, H2S & simultaneous display large CO to 4 gas water and dust resistant, IP67 harsh alarm buzzer 95dB at 30 cm. 3 alarm LED light Windows Rechargeable Ni-MH battery operation constantly to 20hours Built on layers of resistant jolts RFL sheltered housing Shakesan alarm Auto-calibration standard Datalogging STEL and TWA readings continue to hold Summit readouts showing the current time FOUR GAS PERSONAL MONITOR MODEL GX-2009 Specifications Gas Detected: Cobustible Gas (Methane CAL standard) Detection principles: combustion Catalytic Detection Range: 0-100% LEL (Incerements): (1% LEL) Oxygen Detection Principe: Galvanic cell Detection Range: 0-40,0% vol. (Incerements) (0.1% Vol) hydrogen sulfide (H2S) Detection Principle Detection Range: Catalyc combustion: 0-100.0 ppm (Incerements): (0.5 ppm) carbon monoxide (CO) Detection principles: Detection Range: burning Catalyc 0-500 ppm (Incerements) (1 ppm) Sampling Method: diffusion sampling, sample picture attachable Pump (RP-6) and an optional display hand aspirator: Digital LCD with 7 segments, auto backlight on the screen automatic alarm cycle every 3 minutes to read each gases read directly to the Temp alarm operating conditions. :-20 to 40 ' C; Humidity 0-90% RH without condensation Dimensions Weight: approx. &. 70 (H

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