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Specification of

Theodolite Meter

Sekstan, a device to measure the angle between two optical instruments target distances. You can use sekstan to measure the angle the Sun or other celestial objects at the time horizon or horizons, in order to quickly learn latitude and longitude where the position of the ship or aircraft.

Sekstan precision angle measurement instrument, consisting of three parts of a skeleton body, optical systems and devices read the goniometer and other components. Optical system including telespade, moving mirrors, lenses and filters, such as fixed; goniometer device read took part in degrees of arc, a batang index, drum and vernier wheels and so on. These components are mounted on the frame of the body, and through the lever index? Optical reading devices and goniometer connected to the whole. Sekstan based on geometry "the outer corner of the triangle is equal to the angle and two non-adjacent", "the wrong angle in parallel lines is the same," "angle arc center can use uto measure the distance "and the principle of measuring angles.


Complete set of equipment:

1.2. sekstan telescope 1

3. Alternative 3 spring 4. spare bulb

5. Calibration key 1

6. one tank of the ship

7. a screwdriver

8. Brush 1

. smear test a flannel

10. Manual 1

11. A certificate 1

Basic parameters

(1) Measuring range:-5 ~ + 130

(2) Accuracy: 20 arcsec

(3) T

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