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Metal Detector REDTECH-2000
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13 DETECTING AREAS: spreading evenly over the left-right detecting gate board from its top to bottom, with built-in super shining LED indicating lights; Therefore, it is called a "6 positions side lights display detecting".
LED ON SIDES OF EACH GATE. On the left-right sides of the detecting gate board, there are built-in super shining LED indicating lights. It can exactly indicate the exact position of the detected item.

  • The contr

OL circuit, collecting circuit and calculation circuit are highly integrated, which are especially stable in performance, strong in anti-interference, exact in detecting and free from mistakes in reporting.

  • PASSWORD PROTECTION – to prevent any hostile change of parameters by any unauthorized person.
  • RECOVER SYSTEMATIC PARAMETERS – the Operators only need a one-key to recover all ex-work settings, just in case operators make some eg-operations.
  • IO TONES adjustment – to adapt to different usage environments.
  • FRONT PANEL. Information will be marked down on the front panel. E.g., number of persons just passed-by, times of alarm, strength of interfering signals, etc.
  • DETECTING AREA SENSITIVITY can be adjusted privately, without coordination to adjust the overall sensitivity. The sensitivity can be adjusted from 0-99 within its scope. Therefore, it can meet the customer's demand to reject the items e.g., belt buckle,

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