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16 Sep 2016

Specification of

Safety Gloves

KONG ORIGINAL Impact Protection Gloves are developed to address the injury to the hand for workers in the oil and gas industry. These gloves to form a new category of hand protection and continues to set the standard. KONG ORIGINAL is now widely used by many industries where there is a risk of bruising blows, broken hair or fingers pinched. Accept no substitute! Proven in the field to reduce or eliminate the hurt. More than 1 million pairs of hands are protected by KONG./p >

  • PALM material that is 25% more resistant than normal abrasion synthetic leather. PVC dot to enhance grip.
  • Metakarpal protection with absorption of impact 80%.
  • KNUCKLE protection with absorption of impact 90%.
  • FINGER protection with absorption of impact 76,4%. The side walls and a full finger protection.          Patent Pending
  • SADDLE and THUMB is reinforced with Du

raclad, abrasion resistant materials exclusively the Ironclad.

  • Protection of cowboy style CUFF extra large.
  • LOSS PREVENTION with markable tag ID sewn into the cuff.
  • LONG LIVE machine washable, hang to dry.
  • The hands FIT with 5 sizes available; Small, medium, large, X-Large, XX-large, XXX-large.
  • Thermoplastic Rubber (Ribs) foam rubber (Pats) PVC (Dots) synthetic leather

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