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Tulsa Krusher Safety Shoes
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Side-zip boots, available in black. KRUSHERS has been designed and engineered to meet the harsh working conditions. KRUSHERS is human thought and strong and continued when other safety shoes have been worn out. Boss KRUSHERS TPU sole direct injection in the soling material is heaviest in the shoe of salvation. Create a badget You go a step further by wearing durable brand KRUSHERS. All Krushers shoes available in sizes 4 to 13 (includes half sizes).   StAndar Product features: Slip-Resistant TPU (Thermoplastic Urethane) outsole that exceeds the minimum requirements under the classification of "SRC" (referring to the results of the back page) resistant to 130 ° C heat of the Sole. Antistatic designed to reduce the buildup of excess static electricity while maintaining a high level of resistance to protest the wearer from circiuts electric live up to 250 volts. Optinal product features: Penetration Resistance steel midsole is permanently mounted on the only for m

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